Dear SFB:



I enjoyed our conversations about your organization and all that you promote.I know and want to share that it is about more than not smoking for the smokers.It is about clean breathing air for my non-smoking patrons.It is about their children that come in now and are not exposed to watching adults smoke and poison their air while telling them not to smoke.It is about clean smelling and unstained or burned carpet, walls, and furniture and even our clothing.And with your beatnicotine website it is even about informing and helping smokers who do want to quit to do so,and I donít know about you but I donít know many smokers who donít want to quit.


I know that many states now have smoking banned in public places or in eating establishments, but the stickers on my vehicles and in my store windows mean more to us than just ďno smoking.ĒIt means we support SmokeFreeBusinesses and and believe that clean breathing air and that helping smokers to become non-smokers are worthy causes.I often have a jar or can on the counter at the register soliciting donations for a cancer patient; some of those are lung cancer patients, some from smoking or even second hand smoke.So I am choosing to contribute to preventing some of those people from ever becoming pictures on a jar because of lung cancer.†† If they get second hand smoke it wonít be from within my store!


As businesses we are looked upon to contribute to disease research, natural disaster relief programs and numerous others.Why not support an organization that saves lives from poisoned air and tar and nicotine?I challenge other business owners to support their friends and families and their patrons and communities by supporting SmokeFreeBusinesses.†† Post your business on their website and like ours, I guarantee your customers and employees will thank you.


Nathan Simmons