To whom it may concern:


I posted the no smoking stickers in the window of my store.  It seems to be working for the most part but I do have a few regular customers that still walk in with a lit cigarette.  I ask them to please put it in the ashcan outside.  Most are fine with that but I have had a few that when they went out they did not come back in.  I have 3 video poker machines in the back of the store in a cubby with a curtain door.  The regulars still ask for an ashtray and say they should be able to smoke while playing.  Do you have any suggestions for these kind of circumstances?  I do have customers that have commented that they do enjoy the smoke free atmosphere, but I still have a few that say “oh come on, I just need a cola”  or “I’m only gonna be a minute”.  Many of the regulars, although smokers, have no problem with the smoking ban in the store, but a few do complain.  I told them that they have a choice to smoke outside but non-smokers have no choice to shop outside, so I am catering to both customers.  I also posted a “smoking area” sign pointing to the side of the store where I put a bench under a covered roof with ashtrays.  Hopefully, customers who are smokers and just want to hang out and drink coffee and visit will start using this area.  Any other suggestions you can offer will be greatly appreciated. 



Charles Manual